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Holiday Dressing, Courtesy of the ASOS Sale

11 Nov

Ah the holiday party dress. You wear it for one season and then it goes to the back of your closet, resurfacing only when it’s time to make a trip to Goodwill.

Which is why I was super psyched to brows ASOS’ holiday dress sale today. They’ve discounted a ton of their already reasonable holiday sparkles, as well as some more high-end options that are far too beautiful to wear only once.

Here are my top 5 picks:

5. The Corporate Party, $56.95

Your boss has booked a super-sexy space, but you don’t want to end up being That Girl Who Wore The Really Short Dress To Last Year’s Holiday Party. The solution: a simple, strapless silhouette with an asymmetrical hem. Because being completely covered up is never any fun.


4. The Boho Sparkler, $200.23

The sleeves keep it appropriate for a workplace gathering, but the length says Happy New Year.


3. The Man Eater, $277.65

Beautiful beading will make your friends ooh and ah, while the body con fit and micro mini length ensure that you’ll definitely have a kissing partner this NYE.


2. Like It’s 1999, $50.72

Relive your favorite scene from Clueless in this slinky, sparkly slip dress. No one will dare accuse you of looking Monet. Promise.


1. The Ultra-Feminine Stunner, $355.96

It takes a lot of confidence to stay this covered when everyone else is showing skin. But the extra fabric makes the dress much more versatile, so you can totally wear it to your work party, then pull it out for friend’s fall wedding next year.