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Heidi Klum wins Halloween….again

1 Nov

In an era when most women’s Halloween costumes are titled “Sexy _____,” Heidi Klum consistantly bucks the norm, reminding us of what Halloween is all about: the opportunity to live your fantasy.

I’d venture to guess that most women’s fantasies don’t involve swinging on a pole. Yet year after year, we don the shortest skirts and deepest V’s we can find. Not that there’s anything wrong with flaunting what you’ve got, or expressing your sexuality. But it’s gotten to the point where women are looked at sideways if we’re not wearing something revealing. It’s not about us anymore.


Enter Heidi Klum, who has long celebrated her love of Halloween with a lavish annual costume party. And while her costumes are always interesting, this year’s choice bucked the norm in a way I found especially amusing. Behold:


Extra points for veiny legs and droopy decolletage. Truly, it’s the total opposite of what so many of us aspire to be for Halloween, which is what makes it so awesome. I also love that she draped her jacket over her shoulders and mixed her prints, embodying an old lady character who is proudly fashion forward.

Well played, Heidi. Well played.