Cyber Monday Spoilage

2 Dec

Ah, Cyber Monday. Perhaps the only day of the year when we are expected, nay, encouraged to essentially play online shopping hooky. (Do it for the economy!)

But at the end of a long weekend spent gleefully clicking “proceed to checkout,” I’m beginning to feel a bit like an addict. Because after all that purchasing (most for others, and a little for me), the ease at which I find myself adding items to my cart is eclipsed only by the panic I feel at doing so. Do I really need this stuff?

Case in point, this gorgeous lace bodysuit.

ImageOh, it’s the perfect sexy layering piece for underneath a tank or sheer blouse! I will feel like Striperella-Meets-Black-Swan. How glorious!

So I add it to my cart, then continue clicking around to make sure there’s nothing else I missed, which brings me to the heart of the matter: if I didn’t need it 30 seconds ago, then I don’t need it now.

When everything goes on sale, I find myself adding items to my cart just because they’re discounted. Especially when said discount is greater than 40 percent.

ImageGlamtastic Charlotte Olympia sandals at 50% off? Yes please! And yet, I have a closet full of fabulous shoes that aren’t taken for a walk nearly as often as they deserve. And so they pop in and out of my shopping cart, hoping for some stroke of luck (poker winnings? a forgotten paycheck?) to warrant their purchase.

I’m trying to stick to basics that I’ve needed for a long time: a sexy black bikini (Shopping strategy: purchase one investment piece and one cheapy, compare upon arrival.), the Rag & Bone jeans that fit me perfectly, but that I can never justify at full price…

Image…and the white blazer that’s been missing from my wardrobe ever since I wore my last one to the ground. All are on their way to my doorstep, and yet I still react to every Take 30% With Promo Code CYBER30 email like a junky to his dealer. I just have to see what they’ve got.

Thank goodness for free returns.


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