The Brunch Bunch

19 Nov

Brunch in San Francisco is, in a word, outtacontrol.

It is simply un-San-Franciscan to pass a weekend without whiling away at least one day sipping creative daytime cocktails at a table littered with plates of egg-laden goodness. (In fact, I think it’s our love of brunch that has prompted us to top just about everything with an egg, from burgers and pizza to housemade pasta.)

So it’s quite an honor to become a brunch institution in SF, and few restaurants are more deserving than Foreign Cinema. The Mission mainstay has been serving savory scrambles, plates of fresh oysters, and kickass cocktails since Willie Brown was mayor. Yet somehow I had yet to hit them up before this past weekend. (Wealth of riches, perhaps?)

Here are some photos of the highlights. I’ll definitely be returning soon.


Behold, the Bloody Caesar; a vodkalicious, clamato-laced breakfast cocktail that provides the spicy satisfaction of a good ol’ bloody Mary, but far less filling. Genius.


Baked goat cheese and radicchio, which was a much-appreciated gift from the kitchen. Note to holiday gifters: when in doubt, just send cheese.


The hard cider omelette, in which apples and chanterelles nestle cozily inside a package of perfectly silky eggs.


The colorful flower petals in my side salad were a beautiful and elegant touch.


The balsamic-fried eggs with garlic potato hash and prosciutto are nothing short of a culinary masterpiece. I’m definitely going to have to try to figure this one out at home.


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